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River at Distant

Up in the pine, far behind lap of glacier, freezing woods having fairytale world.Temperature falls down below expectation. The wind, up in the sky shivers....

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Film Review: Serious Men

Recently released Netflix film Serious Men, based on journalist and writer Manu Joseph’s 2010 novel by the same name, is a powerful reflection of the desperation that exists within those belonging to the Dalit community in an urban setting, and

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The Adventure of Rudra and Pratap Narayan (WebSeries)

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Covid vaccine: the undaunting spirit of humankind

COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2.  The world came to know of this virus a year ago when many cases of ‘viral pneumonia’ appeared in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China. This disease rapidly spread across

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Quarrel Plus

What is the boiling point of water? Likewise what is the exact moment when passions explode or angers ignite? And when these things happen especially in an office environment what are the repercussions? Is it worth the whole lot of

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Practicing Gratitude : why so difficult

We the people, are unique because of our mind. The mind, which helps us to think. Then thinking motivates us for achievement. Therefore desire to achieve takes us to plan. Plan forces us to act. The mind. Without human body,

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Early Childhood Development

The human brain develops most rapidly during the stage of early childhood – at least 1,000 neural connections are made per second. This could be one of the most important stages of growth when interventions are highly effective, and this

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My freedom

It was a gloomy place. The red, purple and pink lights with their grim energy were wrapping the floor, the walls and even the filthy faces and shrunken eyes of the men around the table. The place smelled like weed,

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Slanting rays of the setting sun fell on her work desk. Nita was sitting on the adjoining chair trying to shield her face even from the dying light of the day. Finally, the sun said its goodbye to this half

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If Work From Home The New Norm – Yay or Nay?

If Work From Home The New Norm – Let’s be honest, for me, it’s a Yay. I prefer working from home/remotely/telecommuting because I find that it has many benefits and I’m used to it since day 1 I graduated from University.

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10 Unusual Ways To Drink a Cup of Coffee☕

What style of COFFEE do you refer? Unleashing the diverse coffees of the world Try coffee with spices-spice everywhere: cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg – Morocco style Make your cup of Joe with rum, coffee, whipped cream, chocolate

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What is IBS? All You Need To Know About It

An upset stomach is normal from time to time, but persistent stomach problems can indicate irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a functional bowel disorder that involves pain in the abdomen, discomfort and altered bowel habit (diarrhoea or

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How Intermittent Fasting Has Helped me??

“Intermittent Fasting isn’t a diet, It’s an order of eating”. Intermittent fasting is a way of organising our meals so that we get the most out of it. It doesn’t specify which food to eat rather it tells us when

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I saw him falling

Watching him falling, backwards, in an odd art form, he tries holding up in the air, balance lost, and falls, that was certain. I saw, he was trying catch up flying bird, breaking its nest, inside his house (if I

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Deep down the aisle, I see a squirrel Fluttering in the way, moving and going Up and down the path, it runs incessantly. While I….. I sit endlessly seeking Lord in its entirety. I see the Lord, all serene, all

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